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 Swimming is a muscle building exercise strengthens muscles that play an important part in our daily sedentary lifestyle. This activity has positive effect on our overall well-being when it comes to mental well being as well as physical health.

 It helps to keep an optimal healthy weight while maintain an ideal body shape. Backstroke and freestyle are two forms for perfect shape of the legs, chest and upper body muscles. Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise aids to gain flexibility, strengthens the lungs and the heart and provides recreation at the same time. It involves learning of control breathing in the water which is a life saving trick. Moreover, it reduces chronic health conditions like arthritis, asthma. For brain health, it enhances blood circulation to the brain and provides enough oxygen which in turn boost good mood make you feel like floating on clouds and you chill out and improve focus. Further, it make less the effects of anxiety and stress. This workout activity helps you to burn calories, the best way to stay in shape. Doctors recommend it is very best for children’s development. It’s a part of everybody’s life in US.
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