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How do we actually depend on The Law of Attraction? RIGHT USE

The Law of attraction is fully based on pure energy or vibes. Manifestation involves clear up your mind filled with negativity. Focus, believe and achieve is the key that would help. Be clear to what you want to have, thereby come to you in reality. LOA principle based on your internal thoughts creating messages that goes to the universe. Faith and belief are the tools that truly work in the process. You too can create yourself with this beautiful tool through your desires. One can attract money, love, happiness and success and is the fundamental reason behind great people success.
Ideas and tools in manifesting the things you wish for:
Write down you inspiring goals whether it is love, wealth, health, home, joy and so on is the way to made clear power and tell universe.

Be grateful for what you have will let prosperity and happiness comes to you. Also thankful to GOD before bed and people as well.

Just visualize the picture of your dream rather than thinking of how to achieve it.

Learn and practice to use affirmations in your language. Feel positive about yourself and attract positive good things.

Respect and love yourself because the way you are looking at yourself, the way others will treat you. 
Try saying I LOVE MYSELF! whenever you see yourself in mirror. Just think of good things.

Stay faithful as to keep you believe in things you desire for and eventually will become real soon

Create a vision board or collage with photos of your dreams and use words like INFORM, INSPIRE in order to boost up your vibrations every time you take glance of it

Breathe in Breathe out regularly for atleast 15 to 20 minutes to calm your mind and start imagination of your dream world

Read The Secret book by Rhonda Byrne and get inspired reading people’s stories

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  1. "Read The Secret book by Rhonda Byrne and get inspired reading people’s stories"
    Do you have any link to that book?