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Healthy At Front Computers

Healthy At Front Computers

For those of you who work at the computer and the internet, you'll spend a lot of time up to hours and hours in front of the desktop. Work habits in front of this computer can bring in disease if you are wrong in doing this routine.

Check out these tips

1. Select a comfortable seat. Comfortable seating that does not mean your seat nice to live in, however seating is when your blood circulation helps to move smoothly throughout the body. Look for chairs that are not too high and not too low, adjust the height and location of your computer.

2. Backbone upright 90 degrees, so the blood circulation from below and upwards to become fluent.

3. Legs are not in a raised position. Incorrect position of the foot touches the floor will cause more quickly experienced aching legs and cramps.

4. Arm forming 90 degrees with a computer desk when holding the mouse or keyboard

5. The optimum concentration of the brain is only about 15-30 minutes; the rest of the brain will be tired. Therefore, as a solution you can use music instruments so that your brain can relax at any time.

6. If your eyes tired, take a moment to look around the place / office. A lot of ornamental fish aquarium will help relax your eyes.

7. Not sitting for long periods, try each one or two hours you are a short walk around your office. This will prevent you got hemorrhoids. In addition, you can consume a lot of fiber foods every day.

8. Do not force your body to keep working. When you are tired, get rest so that you can re-fit to start working again. Enjoy healthy.


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