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Immune Important For Children

Immune Important For Children

Since the birth of a given human immune system is divided into two specific immunity and non-specific. Non-specific immunity has been there since birth and was instrumental in warding off all manner of entry of foreign substances from outside the body, which can cause diseases such as bacteria, viruses, or goods that are harmful to the body. Included in this non-specific immune defense as physical (skin, mucous membranes), chemicals (enzymes), mechanical (bowel movements, hair shakes) and phagocytosis (ingestion of foreign substances by white blood cells).While specific immunity is immunity that is not inborn. Acquired immunity means that when the period of development and require a special immunity against certain germs. Formation of antibodies (anti-bacterial agent) takes time, so when it first attacked the child's body germ, symptoms will occur first. Once antibodies are formed, and identify the specific germ, then when germs are trying to log back reaction will occur, the resistance of the body.

How do you kids to get extra immune?

Children should have a good nutritional condition. Children with conditions that are not good nutrition because of lack of nutrition or nutritional imbalances in general do not have a strong defense of the body; because the substances formed anti insufficient to fight germ attacks.

Do not let your kids do not want to eat. Provide nutritious food by doing variations of the presentation. It will increasingly provide the spirit for them to eat.

Children should have a healthy lifestyle. Pattern of inappropriate child's life can cause weakened immune systems.

Give additional supplements to children to help regulate her body's defense system. One example of such substances is Bovine Colostrum, a yellowish viscous liquid produced by the mammary gland alveoli cells in the third trimester of pregnancy, which immediately issued promptly within 24-48 hours after birth. This substance contains many immune factors such as immunoglobulin A, D, E, F, G that can increase endurance children.


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